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All About Cayo Largo Gran Paraiso Resort Cuba

Cayo Largo Gran Paraiso Cuba is a multimillion dollar real estate investment on the island of Cayo Largo del Sur pertaining to the Caribbean nation of Cuba. Cayo Largo Gran Paraiso is soon to be completed and will be a major tourist destination with hotels and condos planned before 2018. The Cayo Largo Grand Paraiso Resort is part of the […]

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Gran Paraiso Resort and Spa Cayo Largo

Gran Paraiso is among a number of Qatari Diar projects in the Americas and puts the Qatar investment efforts to promote sustainable tourism in the Caribbean in the spotlight. State-owned Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) signed a $70 million dollar deal with the Republic of Cuba to develop the five-star Gran Paraiso Resort and Spa Cayo […]

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